about us

au·ra | noun

A special quality or feeling that seems to come from a person, place, or thing.  

au·ra groupe* | noun

A boutique digital agency made up of millennials with expertise in digital marketing and media
who work to create a special quality or feeling related to a brand or product. 

*The e is silent, but classy.



Our Services

It takes only 5 seconds to make a lasting first impression. Aura Groupe takes the time to ensure those 5 seconds engage clients and consumers to leave a lasting perception. Whether you need to refine your current strategy or want to start from scratch, we’re here to help. Aura Groupe specializes in marketing strategy and consulting, content creation, campaign planning and production, social media management, and everything in between. Our team of experts are available to help with as much or as little as you need to leave your brand’s mark on the world. 



What’s trending is temporary. A strong social strategy is enduring. Our experts work with your team to identify opportunities to leverage your preferred social media channels to make business boom.

Graphic Design + Brand Identity

How your brand looks defines how consumers feel about it. Whether you need content created to fit your brand standards or to start from new, our designers and brand experts create compelling graphics and brand narratives that resonate with your consumers.

E-mail Marketing

Opens aren’t enough. Our email marketing strategists use best practices, data, and excellent design to ensure your audience interacts with your content.


We know great style. And stylists. Whether it’s a photoshoot, video production, or staging, our fashion experts build out mood boards and provide the looks that are sure to make heads turn.

Model Booking

In a world full of Instagram models, it’s hard to find the real deal. We’re here to help. From hand models to hand bag models, our roster is full of vetted professionals who are a perfect fit.

Video Content

Online users are consuming more video content than ever before. Don’t get left behind. Our team works with yours from planning to posting to effectively tell your story and make sure content fits multiple channels.



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